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Friday, 14 February 2014

AIR Pune family member Pandit Expires leaving us Inspired

Shri Nandakumar V Pandit, former HC / Accountant, AIR Pune left for heavenly abode today, 14 Feb 2014. Born on  28 Jan 1949 Sh. Pandit had joined  AIR on 05 November 1968 and had retired on superannuation on 31 Jan 2009 as Head Clerk / Accountant.

He was a very honest employee and throughout his career he worked in various sections of administration, accounts and transport engineering store sections having very good relations with the all members of all stream.Members of Akashvani Pune rushed to his residence after knowing about his sudden demise at 3 pm, but many of us could not see his body at home or attend the cremation.

Even his best friends didn’t know that He had donated his body, which was taken to Susan Hospital within 2.5 hours of demise. With his last breath he has left us highly inspired. Sh. Pandit will live for many more years with probably his eyes giving sight to someone and his kidneys giving life to a needy.

Sh. Pandit has left behind his wife, two sons and one daughter in law.

We pray to the Almighty “May his Soul Rest in Peace” and strength for the family members to bear with the irreparable loss. Condolences can be sent on or by putting your comments below the post.